Confident advocates on your behalf

Since 2005, Law + Brandmeyer has been dedicated to vigilantly preparing each case for trial in pursuit of the best possible outcome for our clients.

Whether this, ultimately, involves settling out of court or cross-examining experts in front of a judge and jury, we are resolute in our ability to put on a defense that can stand up in any courtroom. As a firm that has intentionally remained small and nimble, we work as efficiently and effectively as possible to keep costs down and victories up. We approach every case with the full intention of winning, putting our expert counsel and strategic focus to work for you, to get you results.

Our no-nonsense philosophy means you can expect a standard of excellence, based on:

  • creative thinking: looking at every angle to develop new and unconventional arguments
  • proactive, ongoing education: staying current on the latest developments and trends in medicine and advanced technology to emphasize our case in trial
  • carefully managing our costs: applying reasonable, prudent billing practices to bring high value to our clients