Chuck Law and Kent Brandmeyer Obtained Four Defense Verdicts in the First Four Months of 2015.

Firm News / 03.21.2021

How many law firms do you know that has 4 jury trial victories for its clients within 4 months? Law + Brandmeyer partners Chuck Law and Kent Brandmeyer, on behalf of their clients, won 4 jury trials in January through April 2015.

In January, Chuck obtained a defense verdict in the Long Beach Superior Courthouse for a cardiologist client who was alleged to fail to replace a depleted pacemaker that allowed the plaintiff to have a syncopal episode resulting in a car accident. Read More Richard Yeager v. SK. In March, Chuck obtained a defense verdict in the Orange County Superior Court for an urogynecologist client who was alleged to have negligently placed pelvic mesh products in the plaintiff that resulted in mesh erosion in the urethra. Read More Rita Skora v. RA.

Kent’s defense verdicts were obtained in the Long Beach Superior Courthouse and Torrance Superior Courthouse. In the case tried in Long Beach in January, Kent and his pulmonologist client defeated the wrongful death claim by the family of the patient who experienced the complication of hemorrhage during a bronchoscopy procedure. Read More—Siu Ling Wong v. SC. In the case tried before the Torrance jury in April, Kent and his surgeon clients prevailed against the claims that it was medical negligence and medical battery to have removed the plaintiff’s uterus without prior consent during surgery to treat cancer. Read More—Carmen Jones v. VT.

The trial skills and expertise of Chuck and Kent serve their clients well!