Attorney Kent Brandmeyer Successfully Defends Los Angeles Psychiatrist Accused of Malpractice

Firm News / 02.09.2023

November 15, 2022

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury found in favor of the defense after the plaintiff sought a seven figure jury award for post-traumatic stress related to an involuntary hold

 A licensed psychologist with a history of suicide attempts and trauma checked herself into a Los Angeles hospital, where she was evaluated and processed.

After being admitted, the psychologist decided she wanted to leave the hospital, insisting her problems were cognitive in nature. Tests performed onsite revealed no neurological issues. The woman was placed on an involuntary 72 hour hold by staff to ensure her safety.

After being discharged, the plaintiff filed suit claiming the involuntary stay had caused post-traumatic stress and migraines. She also contended the stay delayed an eventual diagnosis of an unruptured brain aneurysm.

The defense, led by Kent Brandmeyer, argued that the hold was justified by the patient’s statements referencing self-harm and her extensive psychiatric history. Furthermore, the aneurysm was not a medical emergency, as the patient had it for many years and it was asymptomatic (and successfully treated shortly after her hold was completed).

The jury found in favor of the defense, finding that no harm was caused to the plaintiff by the defendant’s actions.