Attorney Kent Brandmeyer Successfully Defends Primary Care Physician Accused of Malpractice

Firm News / 02.09.2023

July 25, 2022

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury found in favor of the defense after the plaintiff claimed a misdiagnosis led to pulmonary embolism.

After seeing a 46-year-old female patient complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath, a local physician performed a full examination, which showed no issues.

The patient, who was not displaying symptoms during the visit and did not disclose certain risk factors that made a pulmonary embolism more likely, was referred to a cardiologist for more advanced testing.

The cardiologist performed another examination and ordered further cardiac tests. Unfortunately, the patient died 3 days later.

A lawsuit was filed against the primary care physician who first examined the woman. After settlement negotiations failed (the plaintiff’s last offer was $1 million), the case was tried by Kent Brandmeyer, who argued the defendant’s medical decisions were prudent and thorough, and secured a jury verdict in favor of the physician.