Medical Malpractice & Elder Abuse Litigation

As a physician or medical practitioner, you are committed to healing and helping others. Occasionally, this can leave you vulnerable. When you are faced with the threat of litigation, Law + Brandmeyer delivers the same commitment to you.We handle medical malpractice and elder abuse cases of all sizes. Our objective is to reach a resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible without excessive costs.

We help clients throughout California across a broad spectrum of healthcare-related practices and businesses:

  • individual physicians of all specialties
  • medical centers, community hospitals, and teaching institutions
  • ambulance services, paramedics and EMTs
  • allied healthcare professionals, such as physician assistants
  • urgent care and outpatient surgery centers
  • radiology facilities, pathology and medical labs, as well as tissue, blood and sperm banks
  • skills nursing, rehabilitation and convalescent facilities
  • multi-specialty medical groups, teaching institutions and hospitals
  • emergency department physicians and emergency medical groups