Employment & Related Litigation

As an employer, you make a wide range of critical decisions and juggle a multitude of responsibilities. We understand this can sometimes involve being a target of a disgruntled employee.

We defend against a variety of employer-related claims, including:

Discriminatory practices. When your case is based on gender, age, religion, race or sexual orientation discrimination, our knowledge of the law provides you with a distinct, strategic advantage in reaching a successful resolution to these claims.

Sexual harassment and hostile work environment. We defend against these claims by discrediting allegations and demonstrating that plaintiffs either lack evidence or their claim does not meet the legal burden of proof.

Whistle blowing and retaliation. We have successfully litigated claims involving current

  • or former employees who have positioned themselves as whistle blowers. These include:
  • claims of wrongful termination due to accusations made about colleagues’ substandard care or performance.
    employee claims that a complaint he/she filed regarding their work environment resulted in his/her termination.

Employee versus independent contractor status. This claim is often brought by a terminated worker for lost wages and benefits. We are proud of our success in protecting clients from these claims, which can have far —reaching or catastrophic business consequences.